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>> tom: government is not waiting one nano seconds for the health care law. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. whether the cliff or the sequester cuts, more taxpayers are being told they will have to wait for their money. new report shows the irs are going full steam ahead, another d.c. double standard. to our panel and also joining us gary. sequester hypocrisy? >> of course it is. people make them think and they don't think they'll get their tax refund but the money needs to keep rolling in to pay for the president's healthcare law.
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we have no idea yet how much this is going to hit the american people because this year, don't forget on higher income americans you have medicare payroll tax hike, investment income hike and medical devices tax, that is just this year. >> and here is the interesting thing. with all that stuff. they are not going to wait nanosecond to collect their money but what the heck, where is my tax refund? >> i think you have a situation where they are trying to cause as much pain as possible to show you, hey, i told you so. sequester was bad. look we went this week where they actually shut down the tours of the white house that only cost $17,000 a week. they are trying to make a point and trying to prove a point and go down the republican throats and make them look bad. we end up losing in the end. >> ben, what do you think?
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>> i think universal healthcare is moral requirement. mr. mix on ordered we tried to get it three and senator kennedy killed it. the people elect their democratic congress, big mistake so we got obamacare. so we got obamacare and now we have to live by the law. the law requires that we pay these taxes. law requires that we not and if you don't we go to prison. it's stacked against us unless we can rally ourselves to elect a republican president. then we'll get fixed. >> hopefully. maybe. government always gets there. i've worked hard you took money out of my check, i'm waiting to get it back. >> i think it is great. >> what part is great? >> i think it's great that people are paying higher taxes for this thing. this does not come for free. you are going to elect barack obama as your president, do what
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ben said in a elected democratic congress to pass through this nonsense. you have to pay for it. i would say what is not great about this is how the media is handling it. sort of notion that the president, when you say they, it's really the president is pulling out all the stops in a political way by saying no more tours. by the way, republicans were going to give him the authority to pick and choose how to make these cuts. you don't have to do it all at once, say no thank you. this is really, it's shameful behavior. >> speaking of shameful. adam, let's talk about the health care law. [ laughter ] >> we got 20 new taxes and $400 billion over ten years and 35% of these taxes are hitting families that are making under $250,000 a year. adam, the floor is yours? >> thank you. i think that everybody is banking on getting a big tax
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refinanced ought to go into their withholding. the goal is not pay as much withholding. >> you sound like my frugal uncle that steals toilet paper from the restaurant. >> having said that i assume that issuing refunds is manpower issue and that is what the administration is talking about. >> you know how absurd that is. the manpower to give refunds? >> giving them the before benefit. doubted. it takes people to process these things. it does not take people to enact the taxes that were legislated for healthcare laws. >> you and i are reporters. you don't think he is trying to do something screwy here.
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this is purposeful thing? >> i think it's shameful and i think to pay tax refunds in a timely fashion. >> they have beaten you into submission. [ laughter ] >> that is why, here is the thing, ben. there are serious economic consequences to this health care law. sequestration aside we know it's a gimmick. dimond makes the g.o.p. look bad and with respect to the polls so far, but all of this points to a disastrous law that is only going to get worse? >> i don't know if it's going to be a disaster. it's going to be a mess at the doctor's office or hospital or if you want to get cured of anything. [ laughter ] every other aspect it will be
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fine. >> i want to take issue with what you said. you said we need pay for this. we need to fund this. people of middle income americans are going to get hit with this new tax. good. >> on their health care plan? what do you mean good. >> you get what you pay for. >> it's good because it teaches americans a lesson. >> how are you going to pay for this garbage? >> they are not getting something new. >> they voted for the democrats. >> not everybody is going to get hit by the taxes. >> hold on. the irs is now charged with overseeing 47 new taxes and/or regulations and as i walk through them and read them, i don't think einstein and steven hawking can figure out some of
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them. it comes down to one thing. this is one big gigantic tax. i don't think anybody in their right mind knows what the outcome is going to be and what the cost is going to be but we have precedent of any major government program is turning into this one gigantic blob. >> when they sell these things, think talk about economic benefits and when it passes, it has nothing to do with economics. we want people to have healthcare. >> i disagree. i agree with charlie gasparino. >> you agree for totally different reasons. >> correct. this is about making a national priority. making a decision. we have decided we want to pay for this. >> i dare you, that nobody understands how hard they are going to get hit and how the quality of their healthcare will be affected. >> don't blame the president for that. he ran it on the first time.
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he ran on it the second time. >> no, you are saying -- >> nobody knew what was in the bill. nobody knew. >> knows knows. >> the average american didn't understand it. >> they don't understand long term implications how it will alter it. >> and 35% of families making under $250,000 that was promise and line drawn in the sand. anyone making less than that thought they were immune from the issues. >> any rational person thought didn't think they were going to get hit. he didn't say he was going to raise the payroll tax. >> ben, on that note then, listen a lot of people are getting hit from this. you talked about the fact that taxes have to go up but a lot of
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people that may have voted for the president they would think hit in the wallets. there is something one with this. >> there is something with the wrong of obamacare which we didn't know was in the bill and miss pelosi says we're going to have waited to see what is in it. that is is not constitutional. >> is there any hope in sight? is this something we have learn about and paying for? >> there is no hope in sight. every major program the government done, every major program the government has done and grown and grown and costs have gone up and up. that is the way it is going to be. until somebody steps up and gets serious about this and tries to stop some of it where we're in the soup, my friend. >> get snuggled in. great discussion. big labor scores a big win against walmart. ♪
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>> i'm arthel nevil. parts of new england recovering from a late winter storm right now and it's not just the snow. this is video from plum island, massachusetts where flooding, high winds and crashing surf ripped homes right off foundations, demolition crews taking down what is left of some of those homes. developing overseas, protestors in egypt burning buildings over a just rendered court ruling. smoke and flames flowing out soccer headquarters in cairo. after the court acquitted 28 defendants including 7 police officers for crimes committed under hosni mubarak. get you back to cavuto on business. charles payne is the chair today. all the latest at we'll see you in a minute.
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walmart scaling back plans to expand to new york amid fierce protests. consumers everywhere should protest they say. >> it's amazing to watch this, in a city like new york where there is high cost of living. you have a company that single handedly has lowered costs for consumers and let's not build one. you won't have the workers or construction workers, potential for local suppliers. this is a big loss for consumers all the way around the city. it tells you, i have to use the word they are dummies not allowing this to occur. i have to tell you. everywhere i have been to walmart, it creates jobs. only rich people had access to.
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>> walmart is great american institution and genuine benefit. everyone gets the benefits of lower prices if they had a substantial pay raise. this is union goons out there demonstrating that are being paid by some unions. it's a very, very upsetting phenomenon to see new yorkers deprived from the benefits of walmart. >> what is disgusting about it, i'm a union guy. >> where are you coming from. >> you are turning your back on the union people. >> i will tell you if it weren't for unions, more people would die of black lung disease in coal mines. are you telling me if you go down to century 21 where i used to work they are unionized? in this is a hit on walmart. when you go to the cozy hospital
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this is specific to walmart the. when usual retail in new york, those aren't like labor unions. so people th is specific thing for walmart. they are trying to make a national case against walmart. let's be clear. there are a lot of places in new york where there aren't unions. it's like there are unions in other retail businesses with attack on walmart. by the way, you know how stupid it is, construction workers that would build the walmart is union and they are out of a job. >> i do not think the union win, if you will, will impact walmart nationwide. i don't think it helps unionization at all. the reason that the unions are afraid of walmart moving into new york city because the people of the city will realize how awful the flip in supermarkets once they shop at walmart. >> i think it's national, too. adam, i'm not sure what the
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situation is in san francisco, but they are a little more ahead of new york city? >> i'm not sure what the facts. i don't think we have a walmart in strand and i don't think its labor issue necessarily. this is similar to a last conversation. i agree this is not a national issue. people in new york -- walmart. >> they are trying to make a national issue. >> let adam finish. >> i don't think this is particularly fair to walmart what is happening in new york city. having said that the opposition to walmart is sincere. yes, it brings down prices. >> when you say it's unfair to walmart. what about being unfair to people who live in these neighborhoods. poorest congressional district in america. you know how many people would love to be able to love to buy a
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flat screen tv. are you kidding me? >> if you want a policy debate, you want to tell me how many businesses will go out of business. i'm not saying -- >> last word, gary. >> walmart is is a job creating machine. to stop them from creating more jobs in a city that needs it is insane. >> you can't prove that. >> i will say what we can't prove, every shop they shut down there is thousand jobs created. let's leave it there. >> coming up, coming to our country illegally, just place $50,000. should this plan be making sense? we go at it but up here first. a record jumping college tuition is it time for the federal government to pump money into
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>>. >> charles: talk about sticker shock. average tuition jumped the biggest amount ever and it's happening as state cuts funds colleges, but you are pointing your finger at all the federal government is fishing out to the colleges? >> naturally the government is
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pouring money into students' coffers and subsidized student loans and naturally that money will be available for them to take. they are force feeding the colleges and universities they will take the money and run. >> charles: we talk about this on wall street. we talk about bubbles, and trillion dollars, this might be the biggest one out there? >> you end up getting on the little wheel. as i get more money in, the tuition goes up, the government says -- oh, we need to gi more money. then it keeps going round and round and end up in a cycle and it costs too much for education. >> charles: adam, here is the thing, right now parents are having to bear the brunt of this and charlie's point and dagen. >> i haven't made a point yet. >> the point is, the taxpayers are going to have to pay for all
1:26 pm
of this. >> the taxpayers are paying less which was the point. states are cutting funding dramatically. i don't think there is a causal relationship. >> charles: the federal government is not making back the loans and one behind all of this? >> no, it's making it possible but i don't think they are pulling the strings behind the scenes. >> 90% of student loans were originated by the department of education. now we've got more than a third of young students who are late on their payments. it will be a burden on american people and were saddling the young people with debt and government is behind it. >> lesson, i remember i had an opportunity to to go to graduate school. i picked a good one that was cheapest one. you want to go to harvard and major in fine arts, you want to take out a $70,000 loan, good
1:27 pm
luck. >> charles: here is the thing, it's very enticing when the money is out there and you are young person not necessarily thinking about who is going to pay for it. >> bottom line government foots the bill. student can't afford it. they are not paying it off and can't get a job because the job market is no good. you get into a first cycle and you end up what, forgiveness? they forgive everybody else. >> charles: my thanks to charlie and dagen. do you think it's impressive run for the market. these guys say i haven't seen anything yet. that is next. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight.
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